Friday, August 1, 2008

French E-Commerce to Reach $44.3 Billion by 2010

Online merchants in France took in €1billion ($1.71 billion) during Q2 2008, according to the Association pour le commerce et les services en ligne (ACSEL) (Editor's Note: Oui, it's in French) and PricewaterhouseCoopers

However, Q1 actually represents just a fraction of total French e-commerce—and less than one-quarter.

Not only is Q4 the biggest of the year, but the ACSEL/PwC figure does not include online travel.

Another French trade group, the Fédération des entreprises de vente à distance,(FEVAD) said that: "e-commerce sales in France will reach €20.9 billion ($32.4 billion) this year"

Editors Note: FEVAD includes both online travel and online B2B purchases.
The association projected vigorous French e-commerce growth through 2010 ... when sales are expected to reach €31.4 billion ($44.3 billion). (see graph on right)

Fast Fact: Internet Usage Statistics: 36,153,327 Internet users as of Mar/08, 58.1% of the population, according to Nielsen Net//Ratings.

You will find additional data regarding France's Mobile and Telecom market below:

The French mobile phone market was worth almost €20 billion in 2005 and is one of the largest in the EU. Three network operators provide the full range of telephony and data services. France Telecom’s Orange and the Vodafone-Vivendi owned SFR dominate the market, with Bouygues Telecom challenging. Both SFR and Orange launched nationwide commercial 3G services at the end of 2004. This report provides the latest statistics and research on the French mobile market in 2005 and early 2006, including the key regulatory issues, a snapshot of the consumer market and the growth of mobile data services such as SMS, as well as an assessment of the major players. See table of contents here

France - Key Statistics, Telecom Market & Regulatory Overviews

France has the third largest telecom market in Europe, after Germany and the UK. A number of new entrants provided competition after market liberalisation was introduced in 1998. However, all telecom sectors in France are still dominated by France Telecom, which has faced censure from both the regulator and EC. SFR remains the only effective integrated alternative operator in the fixed and mobile markets. This report introduces the key aspects of France’s telecom market in 2005 and early 2006, providing the latest statistics on the country’s fixed network, Internet and broadband markets as well as mobile phone services. The report also reviews the national and EU regulatory framework, the status of number portability, carrier preselection and local loop unbundling, and profiles the major operators and the implications for the incumbent’s NeXT strategy for 2006 and beyond. Further details.
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