Saturday, June 6, 2009

List of Latest Phishing Attacks and How to Stop the Threat

Here's a compilation of the latest phishing attacks designed to "lure" online banking customers into providing their username and password to fraudsters. 

Of course, if banks would stop using username and password log-in, and graduate to a more secure, two factor that requires users to swipe their bank issued card, and enter their bank issued PIN, (replicate what they do at an ATM machine) then they would, at the same time,  eliminate phishing altogether. 

With HomeATM's PCI 2.0 Certified Terminal and PIN Entry Device, Internet banking has never been more secure.

Banks can enhance their users onlineexperience and security with strong two-factor authentication per theFFIEC directive, guard against many forms of cyber attacks and malwareand reinforce the financial institutions’ brand. 

In addition, our terminal eliminates the threat of cloned cards, the threat of DNS Hijacking, the threat of cloned websites and "enables" online banking customers to securely transfer money, whether it be account to account (A2A) person-to-person (P2P), pay bills, and securely transact online. 

The 2 best reasons (besides E2E Encryption, 2FA and PCI 2.0 Certification) 2 choose HomeATM are:

1. There is no other authentication device on the market with a PCI 2.0 Certified PIN Entry Device (PED).
2. HomeATM's terminal, manufactured by HomeATM, "WITH a built-in PED" costs significantly less than competitors (i.e. Magento) who offer their product  "WITHOUT a PED."

For a limited time, you can get 2 of ours for the price of 1 Magenta.  For more information, please email us.

Here's the list of the latest phishing attacks, compiled by

Alliance and Leicester
6th June 2009
Alliance-Leicester Group

Wells Fargo6th June 2009
Notification of Account Suspension

Halifax Bank6th June 2009
Information - Access Suspended

Abbey6th June 2009
Please Update Your Account

Cahoot6th June 2009
Important Message:-

Aol6th June 2009
Dear valued Aol ® member

Abbey Bank5th June 2009
Overdraft Application Received

PayPal5th June 2009
Update Your Paypal Account!

Cahoot Bank5th June 2009
Payment Notification Update(customers Verification Required)

Halifax5th June 2009
Halifax Online Banking - Your contact details these have now been updated

Commonwealth Bank of Australia5th June 2009
Online Alert

Abbey Bank5th June 2009
Your online banking security.

Abbey4th June 2009
You have 1 unread message

Egg Bank4th June 2009
Protect Your Online Banking.

Abbey4th June 2009

Commonwealth Bank4th June 2009
Notification from Commonwealth Bank

Cahoot4th June 2009
Protect Your Privacy:1 New Message

Cahoot4th June 2009
Account Suspended

Cahoot3rd June 2009
Cahoot Online Security Service

Alliance and Leicester Bank3rd June 2009
Important Message: Your Account Has Been Temporarily Block

National Savings and Investmen3rd June 2009
Important: Your NSI Savings Account is Limited!!

Oregon Community Credit Union3rd June 2009
Personal Information Error!

Abbey Bank3rd June 2009
Abbey Instant Access Saver { Secure Your Account Access }

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