Saturday, September 19, 2009

Winnipeg Party Animals Spend $900k in Credit Card Scams

They "Party Too Hard"... Now They are a "Party To HardTime"

This is not your everyday credit card scamming gang.  Out of the seven people arrested, four were women (girls) under 25.  They used the money to paint the town red (
they jetted their friends into town, rented limo's, splurged on fine dining, drugs, alcohol, four star hotels, big screen TV's, electronics, etc.) and their spending spree (frenzy) lasted less than a month. 

The amount of money they spent in 28 days totaled nearly $900,000 or almost $33k per day in partying.

Now the party's over and they are going to have a hard time with this particular hangover. 

I'm sure it will be an experience they will never forget.  I've heard of partying too hard, but now it's "party to hard-time"...hope they had fun. 
Wonder if their lawyer said "Take two of these and call me in the morning?" 

From the Winnipeg Sun

Winnipeg police have identified four more suspects in a massive credit card scam that fleeced credit card companies of nearly $900,000 in a spending frenzy.  A total of seven people are facing 152 fraud-related charges in connection with a high-living crime spree that took place between June 18 and July 16.

On Friday, police announced the arrests of Jeremy Pete, 27, and Lauren Brooks, 24, both of British Columbia, and Winnipeg residents Bethany Granholm, 25, and Kayla Munroe, 22.  In July, police arrested accused ringleader Anthony White, 33, of Richmond B.C., Kaitlin Sadie Caissie, 24, of Burnaby, B.C., and Vancouver resident Jerry Allan Byron Grimson, 31.

The Winnipeg Police Service said the group used stolen and forged credit cards to pay for a lavish spending spree that included stays in high-end downtown hotels, limousines, fine dining and electronics purchases. Police said the suspects also bought airline tickets to fly friends in and out of Winnipeg for a night on the town.

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