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Finding and Fixing Payment Fraud - Gemalto, ViVOtech Chime In on PYMNTS

Finding and Fixing [payment] Fraud Interviews Executive Payments Players
BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE) captured the insights of Vice President and General Manager Jack Jania of Gemalto, President and Founder, Mohammad Khan ofViVOtech and Chief Operating Officer, Philip Mikal of ChargeSmart to get their thoughts on the payment landscape.
“ChargeSmart's main value is the use of card for bill payments, consumers benefit from the same security and ease of use they are already familiar with.”
One of the most important factors of any payment transaction is security. The clear and present danger of an unsecure transaction can be seen worldwide despite various government regulations. Jania and his team at Gemalto see the future of fraud prevention in an additional security layer such as Chip and PIN that validates the user and card pre-fraud. And Khan explains how merchants in the U.S. are getting enabled with secured chip technology to reduce card fraud like they've done in EMV countries; all while enabling themselves for mobile payments and loyalty programs in near future. And Mikal says, “ChargeSmart's main value is the use of card for bill payments, consumers benefit from the same security and ease of use they are already familiar with.”
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