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NFC Data Offers Unique Opportunity

Pledge support. Set a new mobile wallet standard for security, convenience, and affordability! - Think outside the phone!

Ken Mages Founder / CTO


When we started exploring the world of NFC, like many other developers, we were immediately drawn to all the interesting applications it will enable; mobile payments, loyalty marketing, coupons, security access, physical social networking. Then it dawned on us - the paradox of the first fax machine– how long will it take before enough people have NFC enabled phones to make this really interesting?  Then we got to thinking… what about the cost of the phone and data plans, security, provisioning of secure elements, and battery life.  What would life be like if you lost your mobile phone?
Maybe what is needed is an affordable and secure NFC companion device that can work with everyone’s existing mobile phone.  A device that application developers like us can use to simplify development, inexpensively test and rapidly bring solutions to market.

The Solution - padloc

Designed to fit on your key ring, the padloc is the ultimate NFC reader/writer that doubles as a secure (bank level) tamperproof device that encrypts and stores all your credit, debit, loyalty cards, user names and passwords, and NFC credentials.   Best of all it connects to your phone, PC, Mac or iPad via Bluetooth (or cable).  Go ahead and use your favorite wallet on your smartphone – just have it call the padloc for your payment or security credentials.


  • Display - 2 inch LCD with 320x240 dots resolution
  • Touch Panel - Resistive
  • Operating System - Android 2.1
  • Memory - DDR2 256MB
  • Battery - Li-ion Rechargeable Battery 3.7V 1200mAh
  • MCU - ARM 9 528MHz

The average consumer has an attention span of 8 seconds.   We have designed padloc as 1 second device.  Fast on, fast on task.   A device t that can be used in the world we live in today but also the one that is coming with NFC

Finally, we designed padloc around the realities of life.  Things go missing, they get damaged and sometimes they get stolen.   Everyone can relate to the hassles of replacing a lost wallet or phone.    We are building a companion service for padloc called travelVault that takes the stress out these mishaps.   It allows you to fully and securely recover your padloc in a manner of minutes from anywhere in the world via the internet.


11:59:59 PM CST

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Every dollar counts. By pledging $8 or more, you will receive a lifetime membership in the padloc™ User Group (PUG) and be immortalized as a "backer" in the membership rolls.  The more you pledge the higher you rank. PUG members get the inside track on important announcements and the opportunity to provide early feature feedback to help us improve the padloc.
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Pledge $98 and you will receive a serialized First Edition padloc™.   Be first or at least be fast! The First Edition production run is being limited to 10,000 padlocs. Includes a docking station, a one year subscription to travelVault™, and a lifetime membership in the padloc™ User Group (PUG), and T-Shirt. padloc™ becomes generally available through major retail outlets beginning June 1st 2012.
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Estimated Delivery: February 2012. The Rebate offers are fully transferable and must be redeemed on new purchases or before Dec 31st 2012. Not valid with any other offers or promotions unless otherwise stated.

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NFC Application Software Kit:
Are you building NFC applications?   padloc™ is the ultimate Android based device to test new applications that read and write NFC tags.   Pledge $998 and receive 10 padlocs with base stations along with an assortment of 100 NFC tags.   In addition you will receive API and other technical documentation to help you flex your NFC muscle.
With your pledge you also get a 300X300 rotating banner advertisement on our NFC Data and NFC Social Blogs to promote your business.   Furthermore you will have priority enrollment in the padloc™ ISV program when it comes online in the spring of 2012.
Estimated Delivery: March 2012

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Are you interested in distributing padloc in a specific region or country?
padloc™ is the ultimate Android based mobile commerce device from which to launch exciting new NFC based applications;  payments, couponing, physical social networking, and many others.   
A padloc™ Partner's Circle pledge gets you 180 padlocs complete with base stations authorized for resale.   The pledge gives you priority enrollment as a value added reseller or distributor.   Rights to specific regions will be granted on a first come and means basis.  Pledge early and stake your claim.
With your pledge you get a 300X300 rotating banner advertisement on our NFC Data and NFC Social Blogs to promote your business.  
Estimated Delivery: March 2012

Join the NFC (Near Field Communication) Revolution Today

Nov. 30, 2011, 3:00 p.m. EST

--Pledge support. Set a new mobile wallet standard for security, convenience, and affordability! --Think outside the phone!

CHICAGO, Nov. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- NFC Data, Inc. is a leader in NFC (Near Field Communication) innovation. Our flagship offering, padloc(TM) is both an NFC "e-wallet" and POS (Point of Sale Terminal). Fitting neatly on your key chain it completely redefines the mobile wallet experience.
Learning from Kickstarter, we've launched our own "pre-sale" of our padloc(TM) mobile wallet. Shipping in February 2012, this limited pre-release is aimed at early adopters, application developers, partners and NFC enthusiasts. General availability of padloc(TM) begins June 1st, 2012.
We are the manufacturer and developer. These pre-release padloc(TM) mobile wallets will come with valuable coupons pre-loaded in our soon to be released tap2sav(TM) application.
A great gift for the Holidays!
For those interested, the pre-sale offering is at and accepts pledges through January 8th 2012. This is an opportunity for technologists, early adopters, consumers, and merchants to inexpensively get an NFC key fob that turns ANY smartphone, tablet, or PC into an NFC e-wallet and an NFC payment acceptance device. Google has its Google Wallet but with a padloc(TM) mobile wallet you can join the open source mobile wallet solution revolution today!
Pre-order a padloc(TM) mobile wallet for yourself and a friend and transfer money instantly. If you lose your padloc(TM) mobile wallet don't worry, with our TravelVault(TM) service we'll replace it for free with all your data intact.
With a padloc(TM) mobile wallet on your keychain, tethered to your smartphone, you can run ANY NFC app today and read or write NFC tags. Data can be displayed right on the padloc(TM) or on your phone or PC. The padloc(TM) has bank level security unlike phones.
About NFC Data:
NFC Data develops NFC based hardware and software solutions for mobile commerce. Using ISO standards, we design solutions for ourself as well as other companies. NFC Data also publishes a popular blog, , devoted to NFC with over 5000 active subscribers. NFC Data, Inc. is a privately held company with offices in Chicago, Seattle, and Hong Kong.
padloc(TM) is covered under US Patent 6,747,547 and NFC Data has multiple patents pending.
Google is the registered trade and service mark of Google Inc. and Kickstarter is the registered service mark of Kickstarter Inc.
Contact us at and visit us at
CONTACT: Ken Mages, 1-312-835-8131,
Copyright (C) 2011 PR Newswire. All rights reserved 

Security Researcher Warns over NFC Flaws - NFC Data, Inc. Simply Eliminates Them...(with Padloc)

Major holes in design, claims Collin Mulliner

In the Video Above, NFC Data, Inc. Founder Ken Mages explains why he created Padloc.  NFC Data, Inc, will be attending the WIMA NFC USA Conference  both today and tomorrow.  NFC Data, Inc is also a press partner for the event.  

For more info: "click here"

A researcher from the Berlin Institute of Technology has warned against the increasing prevalence of Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology, due to major security flaws in its design and implementation.

Presenting at the European Commission Joint Research Centre's 'Digital Footprint in a Mobile Environment' event, Collin Mulliner warned attendees that NFC - a short-range radio system used to connect smartphones to other devices, which lies at the heart of future mobile payment systems - is not without its risks.
Among the issues highlighted in Mulliner's speech were a lack of encryption that could lead to man-in-the-middle eavesdropping, spoofing and corruption attacks, the ability to spoof URI - Universal Resource Indicators - from 'smart' posters used for NFC-powered advertising, and flaws in current NFC handsets that can cause serious issues. 
Far from being a dry technical discussion, Mulliner's talk included proof-of-concept examples of NFC-borne attacks, including a smart poster URI spoofing attack that automatically sends a premium-rate SMS and purchases a paid-for ringtone, code that crashes Nokia and Samsung NFC-equipped handsets - including the Nexus S - through a record-payload-length bug, and a worm which propagates over NFC. 
This last of these is worth a closer look: Mulliner highlighted a proof-of-concept self-propagating worm that uses NFC radios to find nearby devices to infect. The result: the digital equivalent of an airborne virus, capable of spreading rapidly between carriers simply via proximity. 
Mulliner also claimed that work was progressing on a proof-of-concept creation that would be able to inject code into a handset via NFC - potentially allowing an attacker to install custom software to force the handset to do anything at all, including listen in on calls and internet traffic. 
"I would say that we need to seriously reconsider security for NFC devices before major deployment of devices and services at the very least," opined privacy activist Alexander Hanff, who described the presentation as "some scary stuff".

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AT&T-Mobile "Fails to Satisfy" FCC...and more

US regulator the Federal Communications Commission said that AT&T and T-Mobile USA had “failed to satisfy their burden of demonstrating that their [proposed merger] transaction is in the public interest,” stating that an alliance would “substantially lessen competition and its accompanying innovation, investment and consumer price and service benefits.” 

The watchdog issued the statement after the companies withdrew the merger application they had made, in order to focus their efforts on achieving clearance from the US Department of Justice. Industry analysts recently said that they believe the chances of the deal coming to fruition are now “less than 50/50.”


F.C.C. Report Is Said to Criticize AT&T Deal The Federal Communications Commission released a staff report on Tuesday that said AT&T had not shown that the benefits of its proposed merger with T-Mobile USA would outweigh the costs, adding that AT&T would likely build high-speed wireless Internet connections even without the deal, an unidentified F.C.C. official told Bloomberg News. The report came even as the F.C.C. allowed the companies to withdraw their application for approval of the merger.
At Diamond Foods, Accounting Weighs on Pringles Deal Short-sellers have challenged Diamond Foods' accounting over a payment for walnuts. A subsequent drop in the company's stock has cast a shadow over a deal to acquire Pringles from Procter & Gamble, Steven M. Davidoff writes in his Deal Professor column.
Samsung in Deal to Buy Parallel Petroleum Samsung C&T, the engineering and construction division of South Korea's Samsung Group, along with the Korea National Oil Corporation, agreed to buy the American energy company Parallel Petroleum from the private equity firm Apollo Global Management for $772 million, Reuters reports.
Icahn's Metals Bid Presents Opportunity for Rivals Carl C. Icahn's $2.6 billion offer to buy Commercial Metals marks the lowest valuation for a steel takeover since 2007, creating an opportunity for other potential bidders, such as the American steel maker Nucor, Bloomberg News writes.
BHP Puts Diamond Mine on the Block BHP Billiton, the mining giant, is pursuing a sale of its diamond mining business in Canada, and potential buyers include Rio Tinto and Anglo American, The Financial Times reports.
Brazilian Lenders Are Said to Be for Sale The Brazilian bank Banco Prosper and the Brazil unit of the Madeira-based Banif SGPS, which has been affected by the European debt crisis, are for sale, Bloomberg News reports, citing four people with knowledge of the negotiations.
S.&P. Cuts Its Ratings for 15 Banks The credit ratings agency Standard & Poor's will downgrade 37 banks, including Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.
Citigroup's Deals With Wealthy Clients Become Legal HeadacheCitigroup sold a Saudi businessman a deal that he says lost him $383 million, even though the bank questioned his ability to manage the investments, according to an internal memo, Bloomberg News reports. It's just one of the deals with wealthy clients that now haunt the bank, Bloomberg writes.

"As each issue bubbles up, analysts or providers of capital to the firm have to say, 'OK, what other tape bombs are lying in the dusty lines of Citi's balance sheet?'" David Knutson, a credit analyst with Legal & General Investment Management, told Bloomberg.
Bank of America Stock Nears $5 The bank's stock, pennies above $5, recently touched its lowest intraday value since March 2009, The Wall Street Journal writes. If it falls below $5, some investors could be forced to sell, The Journal notes.
Bank Work Forces Shrank by 2.5 Percent It's not just Wall Street banks that are scaling back: more than 2,500 American banks cut staff in the third quarter, for a combined reduction of 20,332 jobs, The Wall Street Journal reports, noting that job growth was the slowest since bank employment fell in the first quarter of last year.
France's Big Three Banks Lose Loans Share BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole and Societe Generale, France's three largest banks, saw their share of syndicated loans in Europe, the Middle East and Africa decline this year to 14.9 percent from 16 percent, as the European debt crisis erodes their earlier advantage, Bloomberg News reports.

"Today their obsession is: capital, capital, capital," Jacques-Pascal Porta, who manages money at Ofi Gestion Privee in Paris, told Bloomberg.
Italian Banks Forgo Bond Sale Commissions for a Day For one day, Italian banks agreed to give up commissions for selling Italian sovereign debt on the secondary market, but the patriotic effort did not placate investors on Tuesday, as they demanded record high yields, The Wall Street Journal reports.

WIMA's NFC USA 2011 Today and Tomorrow in San Francisco

WIMA 2011
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300 attendees signed up to date!
Click to see who has registered so far
See the video presentation of what’s in store at WIMA NFC USA

Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco

WMA NFC USA Applications Products & Services Congress will take place from 30 November to 1 December 2011 at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco.

WIMA is THE global event with a proven track record exclusively dedicated to NFC technology and the name of confidence for hundreds of companies who have attended our event in Monaco over the past 5 years. WIMA brings together industry leaders, start-up companies, application developers, service providers, standards organisations, government bodies and research institutes from the entire NFC industry with both transversal and vertical sectors. WIMA is a  catalyst, facilitating networking and information sharing, enabling partnering and business to take place within the NFC industry.

Following on from the unprecedented success of WIMA NFC 2011 Monaco and by industry demand, WIMA is branching out to the US West Coast with a focus on applications, developers and start-ups who will come together with global and established NFC leaders and shakers to network, partner and learn about the business opportunities to be seized from developing innovative and diverse NFC applications as NFC is moving out of its "niche" phase and to mass market.
WIMA NFC USA will equally be a magnet for product manufacturers and service providers who are interested to integrate and implement NFC solutions and services within the US market.
NFC is not only about payment & ticketing – gaming, social media, healthcare, access control, adivertising, loyalty…Join us and add your innovative NFC applications to the endless list of possibilities!
WIMA NFC USA will take place over two days offering
Conference tracks and panel discussions presenting the latest NFC Technology innovations, applications, products, use cases and services showing you how to monitize and enrich the NFC ecosystem by developing applications.
Demo Tables for exhibitors ensuring excellent visibility for showcasing and meeting potential partners and clients situated in the break and lunch area, to maximize visitor passage.
A focused networking environment exclusively dedicated to NFC technology and clients / partners from the sector.

Only a few tickets remaining so don’t delay in registering
to add your name to our list of attendees!

Online registration ends on Tuesday November 29th at 3:00pm PCT
After this time, please register on site!

FREE Loan of NFC Mobile & WIMA NFC Experience in San Francisco!

WIMA NFC USA is presenting a number of simple user NFC experiences for attendees to discover around the event including:

Check in for the WIMA USA Experience with 6Starz! 
Attendees at the event will be able to check in to various locations at the venue by using NFC. Sign up and download the android application so you are ready to start socialising at WIMA! 

FREE loan of a mobile NFC NEXUS S phone including B-Card reader app from ITN Internationalto gather leads. The phone can also be used to download other Android applications around the event. On site sign up available.

NFC Smart Conference Guide by TagAge. Each attendee will be given their own personal NFC conference guide to see the latest schedule updates using their NFC phone. The guide will remain active post event.

The Narian Technologies/UPM RFID Conference Applications for Android NFC phones, including: voting for the Audience Award, exhibitor meeting requests, interactive Q&A's, evaluation form and other useful event information.

For more information on the WIMA NFC Experience click here
Last chance to register for the Networking Tool & Meeting Planner! Make the most of your time at the event by signing up for our highly popular Networking Tool & Meeting Planner. Join the many attendees who are using it today to set up meetings, message other attendees and to start the all-important networking… (This service will not be available to new registrations after 3:00pm PCT tomorrow, Tuesday November 29th until after the event when the service will open again for attendee messaging)

WIMA NFC USA offers your company THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY at an NFC industry event!

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