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Acculynk to Present at FutureMedia

FutureMedia Fest 2010

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The following companies will be demoing at FutureMedia Fest in either the Startup Showcase, Gaming Lounge, or Music Mix. is a global academic platform that connects students and professors who are taking the same classes or have the same academic interests. Users have the capability to find academic resources or people who can help solve their academic problems. 9thPeriod is tightly integrated with social networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Apps, the iPhone, and many others. The University of Georgia, the largest implementation to date, put one step closer to its goal of Making Education Social™. Gaining a partnership with UGA has poised to acquire early stage funding and expand in the global K-20 market.


A2Stream Inc. is the creator of, the easiest and fastest way to send private video messages to friends, family, and business associates. We allow webcam recording up to 10 minutes in length. No account or download is required. Videos are stored on our servers and streamed to any computer or smartphone, including the iPhone and Android devices. Unique to mailVU is the ability to set a self destruct condition for the number of video views, or the number of days. A2Stream Inc. is based in Charlotte, NC. 704-237-0102.


Acculynk secures online transactions with a suite of software-only services backed by a patented authentication and encryption framework. Acculynk’s services provide greater security and return on investment for issuers, Internet merchants, EFT networks and payment processors. Acculynk has introduced the first product for Internet PIN debit payments, PaySecure®. PaySecure utilizes a patented, graphical PIN-pad for the secure entry of a consumer’s PIN and is currently enabled on over 1,000 merchant websites. Acculynk has partnerships with 9 EFT networks to process PaySecure transactions, as well as five leading payment processors to distribute the product. For more information, visit
Activate3D, a new software company based in Atlanta and the Research Triangle, is commercializing a revolutionary technology developed by Dr. Karen Liu, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Activate3D’s Intelligent Character Motion (ICM) technology manipulates motion input data in real time, enabling an individual’s real world movements to be intelligently and intuitively translated instantaneously into natural and expressive movements in the virtual world. ICM creates unique and personalized animations for games and interactive entertainment based on the layout of virtual worlds, example motion data, and performance in front of a motion gaming device. ICM allows game companies to embrace the full capabilities of motion input, enabling them to create motion control games faster and with better, more robust character animation and control. 
Affix Musix 
Affix Music is an Atlanta-based music licensing company specializing in placing premium, independent Urban music in Television, Film, Advertising, Games and Digital Media. The company’s preclearance system and user-friendly web platform connect media clients with authentic, relevant music while solving specific creative and legal issues that greatly simplify the licensing process. Affix has placed music with some of the biggest brands in the world, including The Walt Disney Company, HBO, BET, and Verizon, and its work helped garner a prestigious 2009 Silver Promax Award for ABC 7 Chicago and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. For more information on Affix Music, please visit
The Anigraphical Etudes

The Anigraphical Etudes™ ( was started by composer David Lieberman to champion and bring to mainstream classical music audiences 3D interactive music video games for live concert performance. Instead of traditional ‘sheet music,’ the performer navigates through 3D worlds, projected for audience viewing. Player decisions affect the resulting music so no two performances are ever the same. Subjects from Robert Frost (Etude 9- Death of the Hired Man), to soon to be released ‘Orpheus Down’ for Alto Sax (November 2010). is a proud member of the Intel™ Software Partner Program since 2007 and 2010 North American winner of their ‘Fast Track Experience.’ is an online service for patients and prospective patients who are looking to find an appointment with the right healthcare service provider and to make an informed decision before even stepping into the provider’s office. does this through a real-time scheduling application, online profiles which showcase a provider’s specialty, education and qualifications and a provider rating system. The system also helps service providers grow their practice, reduce cancellations and provide that extra level of convenience to their patients and clients. appointments wait for you.
Aura Interactive

Aura Interactive is a Augmented Reality production and design company, focusing on AR games and interactive experiences. The company principles have a combined experience of 30 years in the field of Augmented Reality, and have work with a wide range of companies developing AR systems and experiences for military, industrial, education and entertainment. 

BLiNQ Media

BLiNQ Media makes it easy for brands and agencies to deliver break-through results in social networks like Facebook. Pioneers of Social Engagement AdvertisingSM and Cost Per Social Action (CPSA)SM, we are one of a handful of companies that have coveted official access to the Facebook Ads API. Our patent-pending technology and media processes provide unprecedented targeting, performance and scale in Facebook advertising. Campaigns now take minutes to implement, driving business efficiency, performance improvements and margin maximization. BLiNQ Media has a strong roster of clients including ING, AT&T, Buffalo Wild Wings, Razorfish, 22Squared, Media Contacts, Carat, OMD, MEC and Moxie Interactive.


Through a highly relevant, "market-of-one" approach, Cardlytics unites banks and merchants to provide rich rewards to customers based on their individual purchase behavior. Its technology tracks consumers’ actual purchases, providing the first digital channel that can guarantee offline sales and help consumers realize savings of hundreds of dollars per year on the products they purchase every day. The rewards improve consumers’ banking behavior by increasing usage, reducing attrition and strengthening engagement with online banking. Cardlytics’ multi-channel approach includes online banking, SMS, e-mail, mobile, online-mall and social networks. For more information about Cardlytics, visit


Catavolt delivers innovative cloud computing software that helps companies build their corporate cloud. Our unique Hybrid Cloud approach uses patent pending technology to enable companies to gain worldwide access to their data from smart phones, widgets, tablets, and desktops without disrupting existing systems or moving data outside the data center. The result is a fast, low-cost, low-risk implementation that makes businesses more agile and better suited to handle the expectations of today's world. Companies both large and small are using Catavolt to build their own corporate cloud and connect with their network of customers, partners, suppliers and employees.
Chirbit is a service that enables the user to record, upload and share audio easily. You can record straight into the browser using a webcam or microphone and push out your audio content to twitter, facebook or RSS. Chirbit also enables you to create audio content on the go using any smart phone with a voice recorder and email capabilities. Some applications for Chirbit include micro-podcasting, education, social media enhancement and citizen journalism. Chirbit makes user created audio content easy to create, distribute and consume. It is simple, useful and fun. 


Dooreme is a software-based, carrier-grade, cross-media iTV solution integrating television and Internet content and functionality with innovations in visual search, rich-media targeted advertising, content distribution, rights management and cloud computing. It combines a unique, attractive and intuitive user-interface with a new business model and monetization solutions that improve engagements among consumers, distributors, advertisers and content providers, resolving a number of conflict issues and delivering richer user experiences and great financial returns without disturbing the existing systems.


Eventually FanGo will own every customer's mobile ordering experience from the minute they set foot in a stadium to the second that they leave. Today FanGo makes the mobile application that allows fans to order food to their seat at stadiums and arenas. Fans can also opt to pick up their goods in an express line at the nearest concession stand.


Jump! is a creative video design firm whose expertise is providing professional solutions for branding and corporate communications initiatives. Jump! creates sales, marketing, and training videos that educate, motivate, and inspire through the most evocative visual images imaginable. Whether its hi-def or standard def, DVD, web, or mobile device video, Jump!'s cutting edge studio and professional staff delivers its client’s messages across multiple platforms.
Kaneva is a fast growing, innovative Web 2.0 Virtual World. Kaneva, which is Latin for “canvas” is a pioneering social entertainment world that unifies the 2D Web with a 3D experience. It is the first to integrate social networking, shared media and collaborative online communities into a modern-day 3D virtual world. Kaneva enables its members to hang out with their friends online and in 3D, share entertainment, express creativity and passions, as well as establishing meaningful connections with others. is a people and item discovery and recommendation service that allows users to (a) identify other people who share a user's interests, and (b) identify products and services based on the collective opinions of other like-minded individuals. The current Alpha version (available at is focused on helping users discover entertainment items including books, movies and music. In this version, users can 1) copy their preference ratings from Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and many other services 2) identify other users with similar preference and 3) discover new items based on the collective opinion of individuals who share their preferences.


Looxii ( is a social media analytics platform. To put it simply, we enable you to search for keywords on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and more. We store the search results and you receive easy to interpret, top-level insights into what’s being said about your keyword throughout social media. Looxii has recently released Looxii SuperAgent, an agency platform that offers handy dashboards, multiple logins, custom branded client reports sent via email or on the web. It’s all wrapped in a simple interface and comes with white-glove customer service. Contact us,, for details.

Mobilization Labs

Mobilization Labs is a team of software engineers and mobilization specialists helping organizations to mobilize their supporters, build movements, and drive measurable results. We created the Wildfire Platform, the world's first social mobilization platform, to mobilize supporters. Wildfire is the most advanced social mobilization platform on the market, and it's incredibly easy to use. We work with nonprofits, for-profits, political campaigns, movies, and musical bands to motivate their supporters into action and achieve their goals.
Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc. (

Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc. ( uses patent-approved technology to transform the Music Artist experience globally so that no great song goes unheard again. uPlaya services such as Hit Song ScienceTM and Music UniverseTM enable music discovery, automated programming, commercial market prediction, and community networking. Music Intelligence Solutions offers artists, songwriters, fans, social networks, mobile subscribers, and leading media companies a powerful new way to create, experience, share, and discover music and visual media. Music Intelligence Solutions’ “intelligent systems” are a natural evolution of over a decade of research and development experience. For more information, visit the company website at 


Based on 20 years of perception research and 6 years of intensive R&D, N4D’s patented technology and spatial template create the most comfortable stereoscopic 3D (S3D) content. This allows long term viewing of 3D content and aids information retention supporting both education (higher test scores) and advertising (greater mindshare). S3D also allows for greater comprehension of complex information supporting applications for military, medical and corporate needs. N4D’s services include S3D filming, CGI creation and 2D to S3D conversion as well as S3D technology development and R&D.

Nomad Candy

Nomad Candy is a boutique, product and software development company in Decatur, Ga. We specialize in both crafting your image and providing you with software, mobile and packaging solutions that enable you to bring a captivating complete product to market. We are excited to launch our own new mobile to web solution MOBIOMATIC in the coming weeks.
Rank 'em
Rank ‘em is crowdsourcing the music discovery process. Unlike the likes of iTunes & Amazon, the best songs (instead of the most popular) are recognized, and the hidden gems are uncovered as the fans rank their favorite songs from all their favorite artists. Upon submission, the fan favorites are aggregated for each artist, so you can more efficiently & effectively find the songs that you were always meant to hear. 


With hand-selected blogs on more than 500 topics, Regator is the top source for high-quality blog content and trends. Visit Regator on the web or via Regator Premium for iPhone to easily find, read, and share posts on the things that interest you. Developers and bloggers can also use the Regator Platform, which gives access to a real-time semantic API and widgets, to enrich their content or data and add the best of the blogosphere to their blogs or applications.

Rival Industries

Rival Industries specializes in creating high quality 3D CG & Stereoscopic 3D digital content. We produce models, animations and virtual environments for an array of applications including architectural visualization, educational games, interface design, medical procedures, product demonstrations, user experience design and digital entertainment. The Rival Industries team incorporates backgrounds in animation, 3D modeling, graphic design, programming, interface design, and broadcast engineering to produce a wide variety of projects. In recent news, Rival’s touch screen interactive software “Virtual Home” took top prize in Samsung’s Inaugural “Race to Innovation” competition and was showcased at the 2010 Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas.

Chatter is the first cloud-based enterprise social collaboration app and platform that takes features made popular by social networking sites – like status updates, profiles and real-time feeds – to increase productivity in the enterprise. With Chatter, employees can follow the people, applications and data that are most important to them and their customers. Since launching June 22, 2010, Chatter has been deployed by nearly 20,000 companies. Chatter Mobile apps for BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone and the new iPod touch are scheduled to be available in late 2010 and for Android devices the first half of 2011.

Skewed Perceptions

Skewed Perceptions is an animation/game design company providing technical and creative services for the film and game industry. By teaming with one of Hollywood's most successful studios here in Atlanta, Skewed Perceptions is on pace of delivering it's first CG animated feature film entitled “The Lightner's Strike”. The Lightner's Strike will be an 90 minute theatrically released film targeting kids ages 4-12, that will include a variety of ancillary products that will embrace multiple technologies in the digital, social and mobile media industry. Our team of highly trained artists at Skewed Perceptions will make Georgia become a major player in the Digital Media industry.


As the connections between digital systems and human operators become increasingly complex, how are sports media organizations and participating teams to utilize real-time technologies in the context of the live event? How can humans expand on their abilities inside the digital world? What mechanisms will command and control informatics or bandwidth to mitigate the obvious limitations? Operators of complex systems use Associates to help make better decisions in real-time environments. Associates monitor complex systems and assess the dynamic State-of-the-Event in order to distribute relevant content via wireless, cloud, and/or telemetry. Our systems have been called 'revolutionary' by science teams and engineers across many sports segments including global telecoms, world class venues, broadcast technology providers, and sanctioning organizations.


Stronico works with your brain (not against it) to visualize your social network. Instead of simply listing your contacts Stronico mirrors how your brain encodes information and shows you how everyone you know is connected to you (and everyone else) which allows you to fully use all of your connections, contacts, and knowledge to make the most of business and personal opportunities.


Swyzzle’s online platform empowers marketers to use video with built in calls-to-action for marketing and lead generation. Unlike video sharing web sites, Swyzzle is designed specifically for businesses to convert media viewers into paying customers. Swyzzle’s marketing dashboard identifies high quality leads and measures campaign success. The product comprises: a video player with a persistent “PromoPad” below it containing calls-to-action controlled by the marketer; a marketing dashboard with analytics that provides detailed viewer activity reporting and identifies high-quality leads for sales follow up; a virtual kiosk where eCommerce products can be offered for sale within the player.
Tobias Solutions
The unpublished Gamer Fit Guide is designed as an interactive strategy guide for casual & competitive video gamers who seek an edge in gaming and professional eSports. We are currently finishing the illustrations for this revolutionary approach to video gaming. Our targets are to balance higher concentration, comfort, having fun, & getting paid to game, with simple wellness. We are currently seeking investors and publishers to complete this evolution in digital gaming. We have currently been building the community & getting results. Thank you for being patient until we can provide you a quality product. Visit us on & Contact Us with pre-purchase requests. 


TQLeads provides large-scale Intelligent Demand Generation (IDG) technology that helps businesses of all sizes leverage the Internet to accelerate and automate growth within their target markets.

Transaction Tree

TransactionTree transforms delivery of a sales receipt into an opportunity for retailers to increase customer satisfaction, support loyalty programs and enhance relationships while reducing their carbon footprint.

TransGaming, Inc. (TSX-V: TNG), is a leader in the development of unique software products that facilitate the deployment and distribution of games across multiple platforms. The GameTreeTV Platform delivers a comprehensive on-demand gaming solution optimized for HDTV through the next generation of set-to boxes and connected consumer electronic devices based on Intel® CE Media Processors. TransGaming is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, maintains an R&D center in Ottawa, Canada, and has a new subsidiary – TransGaming Digital Home in Atlanta, GA. 


Twitpay is the leading innovator in payment technology for social media. Through a simple retweet, Twitpay allows users to make monetary contributions to their favorite nonprofit organizations safely and securely over Twitter, ultimately growing their follower base as well as their fundraising totals.

Usable Health

Usable Health, LLC is a spin-off company of the Georgia Tech College of Computing, dedicated to making healthcare advice more actionable. Our first consumer-friendly solution to market, the Usable Health Kiosk, helps restaurant customers make healthier choices by offering them personalized menu suggestions while placing their orders. These suggestions are customized not only for each customer's health goals, but also for their unique taste preferences--making ordering at restaurant a fun and engaging experience. Usable Health's first customer is Atlanta-based restaurant chain Tin Drum, and we are quickly expanding into other area restaurants.


Vert is a full-service "personal media" agency focused on the next iteration of the digital: mobile & social. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, we specialize in connecting brands with what we define as the "pervasive digital audience". Think of Vert as a 24/7, cross platform, multi-device, inter-connected, & multi-modal marketing communications partner. Specialties include: mCRM & SMS campaigns, Mobile web development & Social Platform design/dev, Social Brand Messaging & Engagment, Apps & Games, Mobile/Social Display Advertising, Multimedia Production & Syndication, and all the reporting and analytics you can handle. Clients include: Crystal Springs, Georgia Aquarium, Turner, Kawasaki, Freshens Smoothies & Yogurt, Nursery Water, & Maid Brigade.


Vitrue is the leading social media management company focused on providing solutions for brands and agencies looking to maximize their presence across the vast social web. Anchored by its industry-leading Vitrue SRM (Social Relationship Management) Platform, Vitrue works with marketers and agencies of all sizes to deliver a comprehensive solution to manage, measure and maximize value across Facebook, Twitter and other social environments. The Vitrue SRM is currently being used by global brands such as McDonald's, Best Buy, Kellogg Company, AMC Theatres, Project (RED) and 3M, to name a few.


VoAPPs creates Gripping Voice Applications for Businesses and Consumers. VoAPPs has developed 7 such Voice APPs under the telePARTICLES, politicalVOICEMAIL and DirectDROP Voicemail brands. DirectDROP is The Next Generation of Mobile Messaging. Getting a DirectDROP Voicemail is just like getting a text message, but the message goes straight to voicemail - without ringing the phone. It enables businesses to reach the 159,000,000 non-Texters in the USA by leaving them a mobile voicemail - with no ringing. DirectDROP offers 3X the Reach of text messaging at Half the Cost of sending a text while providing 10X Richer Content than a text message.


VQLink is an ATDC company that came out of Georgia Tech's Venture Lab program. 

VQLink’s patent-pending 'AVQ' technology for Automatic measurement, reporting and enhancement of Video Quality in the distribution network represents a capability that does not currently exist. AVQ incorporates a realtime mimic of the human visual system, finely tuned to detect artifacts that really matter, but without the notorious “crying wolf” syndrome: false alarms that have been known to compromise automatic VQ technologies, especially the class of noreference methods that can be deployed anywhere in the network, without the need for comparing against the original video source.

VQLink is currently funded by NSF-SBIR and Georgia Research Alliance (GRA).


Whoop provides a one-stop mobile app publishing platform for non-developers! Build feature-rich mobile apps using the web-based, WYSIWYG Whoop Creative Studio and instantly publish apps that can be downloaded and installed on Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, J2ME and WAP-enabled devices. The Whoop Creative Studio allows you to drag and drop mobile app elements to your heart’s content. Once you’re done, you can export your app in formats for several devices and operating systems, including iPhone, Android, RIM, Windows Mobile and other OSes.
World Touch Gaming

World Touch Gaming, Inc. (WTG) was founded by Don Fiechter and Paul Moriarity in 1995 and formally incorporated in March of 1996. Since then, WTG has developed intellectual property for the casino and charity gaming industries and also skill, amusement, sweepstakes, and electronic lottery game operators. The company has been licensed by multiple Indian Tribes as well as the West Virginia State Lottery as an approved manufacturer. WTG is dedicated to bringing fresh new games to the playing public. 
Zooz Mobile 
Zooz Mobile is a leader in the new and fast-growing interactive music market. Our first product ZOOZbeat™ is a Music reCreation Studio™ for music creation, manipulation, competition and sharing for individuals and groups, musicians and non-musicians; it offers brands an opportunity to give their consumers a fun and relevant musical experience. ZOOZbeat Sprite® is a branded version of ZOOZbeat with music from Dallas Austin and 7 other artists. ZOOZbeat has been available on the iTunes AppStore since November, 2008 and has had over 1.6 million downloads. Our new cloud-based interactive music service is scheduled for launch in early 2011.

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