Saturday, January 7, 2012

Google acquires NFC patents from IBM

The Scope of the V-SIM (Virtual SIM) Patent includes "any"
3rd-Party Authentication Done with a Mobile Device
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From NFC News

Google has acquired 188 patents and 29 patents pending from IBM, some of which concern NFC technology, reports ZDNet.

Adding to the 2,053 IBM patents already turned over to Google in the past year, these new patents cover databases, mobile phones, server infrastructure, wireless telephone systems, NFC and other patents that may relate to Google’s Android mobile operating system.
In addition to the IBM patents, Google amassed 17,000 patents and 7,000 patents pending with the purchase of Motorola Mobility in August. According to ZDNet, this ongoing stockpiling seems to be a defensive move from Google, which has been the subject of recent attacks from rivals Apple, Microsoft and Oracle over its Android OS.
Oracle’s dispute with Google – over possible IP infringements relating to Android’s use of Java – is expected to go on trial this year.
Google has dismissed these attacks as a “hostile, organized campaign” against Android using “bogus patents,” but nonetheless appears to be getting its hands on as many patents as it can. ZDNet reports that the company tried to purchase 6,000 telecommunications-related patents from Nortel in August, but its £553 million bid was ultimately declined.
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