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ATOS Watch NFC mobile payments burning

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ATOS Watch NFC mobile payments burning « The Scientific ...
One of the reasons why NFC mobile payments business stagnates is because of the overcomplicating NFC-ecosystem. While most of the customers have no ...

Gemalto Reports First Quarter 2012 Revenue

MarketWatch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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O2 mobile wallet app launches text message payments
BBC News
The firm also intends to allow users of phones with near-field communication (NFC) chips to make contactless payments in high street shops. It is the latest of several firms to charge retailers a transaction fee for making it easier to shop.
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Gemalto Reports First Quarter 2012 Revenue
MarketWatch (press release)
Our fourth generation network (LTE) and contactless services (NFC, TSM) projects are showing good progress, in advance of commercial launches by mobile operators, The Machine-to-Machine segment posted revenue of EUR43.8 million, stable on last year's ...
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FinovateSpring 2012 Sneak Peek: Part 3 - Finovate

NFC likestations inside the BlackBerry Stand a...
NFC likestations inside the BlackBerry Stand at the Mobile World Congress 2012 (Photo credit: Official BlackBerry Images)
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GUEST POST: OSPT and Samsung – a partnership gathering speed ...
By krowne
If we listen to the latest discussion surrounding NFC implementation, it's encouraging to see that the industry now understands that mobile payment alone will not achieve the user convenience, which is essential for NFC adoption. Users want ...
Contactless Intelligence
NFC Adoption in SA still far off - Bandwidth Blog
By Minnaar Pieters
South African banks and retailers are likely to be slow to adopt near-field communications (NFC) technology for mobile payments because of the high costs of installing point-of-sale terminals and other enabling infrastructure. That's the word ...
Bandwidth Blog
FinovateSpring 2012 Sneak Peek: Part 3 - Finovate
By Julie Schicktanz
Mobile Wallet; NFC-enabling Payment Stickers; Blaze Mobile Advertising Platform that delivers personalized ads and coupons based on customer shopping history, location, interests, gender, and other data. Innovation type: Mobile and tablet, ...
O2 Wallet mobile money service launches | Mobile News Online
By Paul Withers
Additional functionality will soon enable consumers to use O2 Wallet to top-up mobile airtime, buy train tickets and make mobile contactless payments via NFC technology. O2 Money managing director James Le Brocq said: "O2 Wallet delivers ...
Mobile News Online

The Future Of Mobile Marketing Has Arrived On Thinaire!

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April 25, 2012, 3:44 p.m. EDT

The Future Of Mobile Marketing Has Arrived On Thinaire!

Nominated with Kraft Foods and Horizon Media for Best Marketing Campaign using Contactless/NFC Technology at the 2012 Contactless & Mobile Awards

NEW YORK, April 25, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Thinaire Transmedia Network LLC, is set to revolutionize brand building with a unique and compelling form of engagement marketing that connects off-line media to rich mobile experiences...with a simple tap.
Thinaire - the leader in Near Field Communications (NFC) engagement and activation, has launched its patent protected, cloud-based services platform that provides consumers with an intuitive and frictionless way to engage with their favorite brands and connect to compelling and relevant mobile experiences that build loyalty, promote brand evangelism, and drive commerce.
Thinaire's campaign creation platform enables marketers to capture real-time engagement behavior and preferences ranging from the time and location of a brand interaction, to the level of engagement and purchase activity. Marketers can now connect with consumers seamlessly and immerse them in a brand experience with one swift motion.
Where QR codes have been challenged - requiring the download of an app and uploading of a bar code before accessing content, NFC enables users to immediately interact with brands with just the simple tap of a smartphone. One tap on any RFID-embedded promotional item such as a poster, magazine ad, or retail point of sale, and Thinaire's frictionless technology, instantly connects the consumer to the brand at a deeper level than ever before. Thinaire not only enables consumers to visit a web page, but also view rich media, receive special offers, share the experience, and make a purchase from their smartphone - quickly, easily and securely.
Pioneers in the application of NFC in marketing and advertising, Thinaire has been developing and refining its platform in anticipation of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and mobile carriers delivering NFC enabled phones. That time has come.
"This is the moment every CMO has been waiting for," states Patrick Meyer, Thinaire's Chief Marketing Officer. "Thinaire details location, occasion, brand, and social interaction so ROI can be determined, and then provides input for future one-to-one efforts. "
Thinaire provides a game-changing complement to e-wallets. It delivers deeper brand engagement and activation, and peer-to-peer social connection, then provides the on-ramp to purchases on a mobile device, and/or at retail point of sale.
"The integration of NFC enabled marketing should be on the radar of every major marketer and agency in the lead-up to 2013 planning, and Thinaire is the platform they should be considering," Meyer says.
As part of pre-launch activations, Thinaire has been piloting with major Fortune 500 brands, including one that earned a nomination for Best Marketing Campaign using Contactless/NFC Technology in the 2012 Contactless & Mobile Awards.
"We are seeing some of the world's largest brands across industry rethink not only their mobile, but entire consumer marketing strategy, to capitalize on the imminent arrival of NFC," says Mark Donovan, Chief Operating Officer at Thinaire.
"It is clear that the frictionless interaction NFC provides is the future of mobile marketing. Thinaire will transform how consumers interact with brands, driving more meaningful experiences and greater participation, all measured through powerful analytics, currently unavailable to marketers, which will translate into marketing dollars going farther for existing media assets," Donovan says.
In the nominated initiative, Thinaire, in Q4 2011, partnered with Kraft Foods and Horizon Media to launch a ground-breaking campaign for Hall's Warm-ups cough drops. Utilizing the Thinaire platform, the roll-out of two new Hall's Warm-ups flavors were brought to life at bus shelters located near select Walgreens stores in Chicago. A simple "Tap or Snap" (using NFC or QR) with their smartphone gave consumers the opportunity to connect and "Like" the brand's Facebook page, then vote for one of two new Hall's Warm-up flavors: Apple Cider or Mocha Mint.
Thinaire also worked with Mun2 last month, pushing the second season of NBC Universal's leading prime-time show, I Love Jenni, via specially created, one-of-a-kind NFC enabled kiosks. They arrived on New York streets in March allowing smartphone users to access interactive video content, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes and preview content, as well as quizzes supported by social media platforms.
The design principle for Thinaire's platform is a fusion of social and mobile technology integrated into a rich and engaging operating environment, enabled by NFC and commonplace mobile engagement technologies. The result turns static media impressions into dynamic mobile consumer experiences.
NFC has already begun to be widely adopted by the mobile phone industry and projections indicate that a significant percentage of new smartphones will have NFC technology by the end of 2012. In September, Google launched its Google Android with NFC capabilities, and every major mobile player has launched, or has announced their NFC roll-outs. Apple is expected to integrate NFC into its next generation iPhone in the fall of 2012.
Nielsen and Gartner research data show that within the US, nearly half of all mobile phones are now smartphones, and the figure is projected to rise rapidly throughout 2012 and beyond.
For savvy marketers and their agencies, the future of mobile marketing has arrived...on Thinaire!
See a demo of Thinaire at
Contact: Christine K. SchottCKS Management & (917) 847-0015
SOURCE Thinaire Transmedia Network LLC
Copyright (C) 2012 PR Newswire. All rights reserved

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After EMV, South Africa's not eager to tackle NFC
Mobile Payments Today
Call it payment technology fatigue. Or call it a vision of the future in many markets. Retail banks and merchants in South Africa are likely to be slow to adopt NFC mobile payment technology due to the high installation costs for terminals and ...
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"Mobile wallet" launching in Canada within six months, carriers currently in ...
By Ian Hardy on April 25, 2012 at 4:36pm in Mobile News EnStream, the Rogers/Bell/TELUS joint venture, is poised to bring the "mobile wallet" to Canadians by this coming Summer. This term – mobile wallet – refers to the ability to pay for various items ...
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AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket ICS 4.0.3 Leak Provides Google Wallet, NFC Access
Mobile bloom News
This leaked ICS operating system version delivers the full ICS experience to the Galaxy S II Skyrocket, including NFC and Google wallet support. As always, AT&T, the exclusive home of the Galaxy S II Skyrocket, could not be pinned down on the a ...
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How to use NFC tags with your Android mobile phone

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Canada leads in mobile phone payments
Toronto Sun
An employee shows a Samsung mobile phone in a shop in downtown Milan April 12, 2012. (REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo) Thousands of Canadian retailers already have equipment in place to let customers pay for purchases with a swipe of their mobile phones, ...
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Pepi Food Services gears up to accept contactless payment
Contactless News
Using USA Technologies ePort Connect services, Pepi plans to convert its entire vending machine base to accept cashless and contactless payments, in addition to emerging NFC mobile payments including Google Wallet, ISIS, PayPal and others.
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NFC not the next 'Betamax,' says Yankee Group
Market research firm Yankee Group is remaining confident in NFC technology, despite a recent survey showing 35% believe it will be made obsolete by other new payment technologies. According to Fierce Mobile, a further 23% in the same survey believe ...
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Samsung employees to test NFC mobile IDs
Samsung is looking to use NFC-enabled mobile access credentials in place of ID cards for workers at its Suwon, South Korea offices. According to The Verge, the new system would enable Samsung employees to tap their phones against a reader to access ...
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How to use NFC tags with your Android mobile phone
If you thought NFC was only about buying a latte with your phone in a cafe that offers contactless payment terminals, think again, because it can be used for so much more. As Sony made clear with its recent promotional campaign for the NFC-packing ...
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PayTag: payments pioneer or a step short of a mobile wallet?
Off the back of Pingit, Barclaycard is continuing its assault on the mobile payments world with the launch of its recent 'mobile' contactless offering PayTag. Positioned as the low-tech alternative to investing in an NFC-enabled handset, ...
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Austrian McDonalds, supermarket test NFC in the cloud.
Mobile Payments Today
In the world of mobile payments, one of the more contentious debates is over NFC-enabled vs. cloud-based solutions. The incomparable Sarah Clark at NFC World is reporting that McDonald's in Austria is testing a solution that may be the best of both ...
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Google Wallet: We're in it for the long haul, says search giant
NFC World
By Sarah Clark | | April 25th, 2012 "It's still very early days for mobile payments and we know [it] will take time to build a mobile commerce ecosystem, but we're very committed to this goal and are encouraged by the progress we've made ...
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Kent 'first in UK to launch NFC parking payments'
Think Money
However, increasing developments in mobile banking mean that customers who have NFC-enabled Blackberry or Android phones will now be able to use contactless payments technology to buy their ticket - with just three simple steps.
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Early Morning Fire Destroys Mobile Home -
Robert Klemko of USA TODAY Sports takes a look what each NFC team needs heading ... Tom Pedulla of USA TODAY Sports takes a look what each AFC team needs heading ... Blythewood, SC (WLTX) -- A man is without a home following a fire early Wednesday ...
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Clearly, raising the bar
The Hindu
Your mobile GPS elf is Wisepilot, letting you recognise a music track is Sony's proprietary TrackID. The smartphone also supports NFC communication and comes with an inbuilt app 'Tags' to support this feature. Although this concept is yet to gain ...
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The Hindu

5 Opinions why NFC will never replace the barcode

Deutsch: Deutsche Pharmazentralnummer (PZN) mi...
Deutsch: Deutsche Pharmazentralnummer (PZN) mit Barcode und im Klartext auf dem Boden einer Packung. English: German Pharmazentralnummer (PZN), as barcode and in clear-text at the bottom of a package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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5 Reasons why NFC will never replace the barcode - Scandit
By Scandit
Today we're excited to release a brand new blog series that will take an in-depth look at why NFC will never replace the barcode on product packaging. NFC has been the talk of the mobile payment world for the past two years now, ever since ...

USA Technologies, Inc. Upgrades ePort Connect® Service Platform

On the theme of :Image:Alarm.gif, I made a for...
On the theme of :Image:Alarm.gif, I made a for alerts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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USA Technologies, Inc. Upgrades ePort Connect® Service Platform
USA Technologies, Inc., a provider of wireless, cashless payment and M2M telemetry solutions for small-ticket, self-serve retailing industries, has completed an upgrade to its ePort Connect® service platform — an action aimed to support USAT's.
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Azerbaijan excited for new contactless and mobile payments

MasterCard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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NFCNews | Azerbaijan excited for new contactless and mobile payments
MasterCard's PayPass contactless payment feature may soon be presented to the Azerbaijan market of cashless payments.

Security 'greatest focus' as mobile tech prevalence grows

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Security 'greatest focus' as mobile tech prevalence grows
ZDNet Asia

SINGAPORE--As mobile technology becomes increasingly prevalent in everyday life, security will be the "greatest focus" in all its applications, such as the mobile wallet and near-field communications (NFC), says one industry executive.

For more info on NFC Data's "Secure" NFC Reader/Writer/Viewer (below) email me

WorldPay: The Global Rise in ‘Always-On’ Shoppers Driving eCommerce

Greater Accessibility and Technology Creating a New Type of Global Online Shopper
SAN FRANCISCO--()--Global e-shoppers spend on average 22% (US average: 23%) of their annual outgoings on goods and services online, shop for 5 hours a month (US average: 5.4), watch TV whilst shopping online (global: 46%, US: 59%) and make the majority of their purchases at 20:40 (US: 10:30am), according to the Global Online Shopper Report commissioned by WorldPay.
The Global Online Shopper Report surveyed 19,000 consumers and 153 senior decision makers from global retail merchants to identify the online shopping habits of consumers in the UK, USA, China, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Argentina and India.
The report found e-shoppers are increasingly varying the devices they use to shop online. 55%, 19% and 11% respectively use a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Mobile device usage is rising particularly among ‘heavy spenders’ – those who have spent 30% of their disposable income online in the past year. Globally, 55% of heavy spenders have used a smartphone and 67% a tablet in the last three months to buy online; consequently more shoppers are buying on the move. 29% of global shoppers buy online at work, 6% at college or university, in a car or in a physical retail store, 7% make online purchases when out at a cafĂ©, bar, restaurant or pub and 8% whilst on holiday.
The report uncovered cultural differences in the ways consumers shop. Globally, 19% of consumers purchase using their smartphone. China has the largest percentage of consumers that use their smartphone to purchase online (46%), closely followed by India (40%). In terms of mobile shopping apps, whilst the global average is 2.6, Chinese shoppers used 5.7 compared to 1.2 in Finland.
Philip McGriskin, chief product officer, WorldPay commented: “Online shoppers are becoming increasingly mobile, no longer chained to their PC to buy goods and services. The way shoppers engage with mobile devices is evolving and driving the future of eCommerce as consumers look to purchase through apps, mobile websites and using their device on the move. This increased mobility is expanding the audience of potential consumers for merchants to target but, in tandem, presents challenges in offering the best experience for these consumers whenever and wherever they demand it. As technologies develop merchants will need to be ahead of the game to understand and offer consumers the services they demand.”
Key findings from the Global Online Shopper Report:
  • Home shoppers – 95% of eCommerce purchases are conducted within the home. 54% of global consumers shop in the living room and 43% the bedroom. For more unusual shopping locations, 5% of global consumers shop in the garden and 3% in the bathroom
  • Distracted shoppers – 59% of e-shoppers in the US watch TV whilst shopping online compared to the global average of 46%. However, only 9% use instant messaging compared to the global average of 18%. Globally 42% listen to music, 21% the radio and 29% chat to family or friends whilst shopping online
  • Mobile purchases – In the US, of those consumers that buy using a mobile device (15% smartphone, 9% tablet), 53% have purchased clothes, 46% books and 42% DVDs/video games in the last three months
  • Cross-border shopping – 44% of global consumers purchase from an overseas website. Australia has the highest proportion of shoppers willing to buy from retailers located abroad (76%). The motivation for shopping from overseas websites is value for money – 60% claim they can get a better price
  • Heavy shoppers – Developing economies have the highest proportion of ‘heavy’ shoppers. The majority of eCommerce customers in China and India are ‘heavy spenders’ with 48% and 54% respectively parting with more than 30% of their disposable income online. Only 18% of Chinese shoppers and 16% of Indian online shoppers spend less than 10% of their disposable income
  • Security and fraud – 42% of global shoppers have been directly affected by online fraud themselves or seen a friend or family member fall victim but 57% say they feel more secure shopping online today than 12 months ago
  • Payment preferences – Credit cards (69%), PayPal (40%) and debit cards (37%) dominate global payment preferences but, particularly in developing economies, alternative payments are rising in popularity with 14% using gift vouchers, 8% using Chinese payment method Alipay, 7% m-payments and 5% cash vouchers
Unsurprisingly, Amazon was the most popular website for buying goods online, with 43% of consumers shopping on Amazon in the last three months. In the US, this figure was 83%. eBay was a close second with 33% globally and 45% of US respondents. The three most popular shopping websites globally were department stores (31%), clothes retailers (30%) and consumer electronics (25%). US online shoppers are most likely to purchase from department stores than their global counterparts (46%). The survey asked consumers which website types they thought they would buy from in the coming year and the results pointed to an increase in custom for almost every single category. The only websites that saw a slight predicted fall in the intention to buy were online gaming (from 11% to 10%) and gambling websites (6% to 5%).
eCommerce spend is expected to increase dramatically in the near future. Globally, 64% of shoppers would consider spending more than 50% of their disposable income online (51% in the US) – 7% said they already do. India and China lead the way, with 91% of Indian and 91% of Chinese open to spending over half their outgoings online in the future.
McGriskin concludes: “eCommerce is growing at a rapid pace, with consumers in nearly all countries spending a growing percentage of their income online. The consumer appetite for buying cross-border is strong, particularly in the high-growth developing online economies. This provides merchants with an excellent opportunity to increase sales by targeting overseas customers. As technologies and economies develop, merchants will need to be ahead of the game to understand consumer needs, and offer the right services to take advantage of new eCommerce opportunities.”
To download a copy of the report visit:
The Global Online Shopper Report survey was commissioned by WorldPay and created by Loudhouse in March 2012. The survey was conducted among two sets of respondents: consumers and merchants. The consumer sample comprised 19,000 consumers who shopped online within the last 12 months via an online survey. Consumers were surveyed from 15 different countries: China (2,000), Germany (1,000), USA (2,000), Spain (1,000), Finland (1,000), France (1,000), Japan (1,000), Russia (1,000), Brazil (2,000), UK (1,000), Mexico (1,000), Australia (1,000), Canada (1,000), Argentina (1,000) and India (2,000). The merchants sample was made up of 153 merchants from organisations that turn over $8m or more including Merchant Risk Council members (40), online panel (98), WorldPay customers (15) who hold responsibility for the online payment process, and conducted via an online survey.
About WorldPay
WorldPay is a leading global provider of payment and risk services, processing millions of transactions every day. WorldPay is a unification of seven leading retail payment solutions and offers a range of services including acquiring, gateway, alternative payments, risk management, and mobile payments. WorldPay became an independent company in December 2010.
Twitter: @WorldPay

Ingenico Mobile PIN Payment Video

Expect Secure PIN Debit Payments on Your iPhone by Year Endhre on facebook

Source: Libertismp

If the three-month trial turns out to be a success, you should be able to make secure PIN debit payments with the iPhone by year end if nothing goes awry.
The Network for Electronic Transfers (NETS) is currently piloting the iSMP mobile terminal by Ingenico, a leading provider of payment services, which instantly transforms the iPhone into a PIN secure payment solution.
Operating on a similar concept as a mobile Electronic Funds Transfer at Point-of-Sale terminal, a merchant only needs to attach the NETS iSMP terminal to an iPhone to collect payments. This will be useful for merchants who need to collect payments outside of their physical retail stores such as food, laundry, home delivery, and courier services.

Source: TODAY

Mobile PIN debit payments to be rolled out by Ingenico

Mobile PIN debit payments to be rolled out
By Anthony Chia, | Posted: 25 April 2012 1555 hrs

The iSMP terminal (photo: Ingenico)
SINGAPORE: Short of cash to pay the pizza delivery man? No worries, as NETS has just introduced a new device which allows for PIN debit payments on the go.

The iSMP mobile terminal, developed by payment services provider Ingenico, works as a sleeve for the merchant's iPhone and allows it to be used as a mobile NETS payment terminal.

The device was introduced at a media briefing on Wednesday, ahead of the Cards & Payments Asia 2012 trade show, at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

"We want to go where our customers' customers are. NETS has always been about making payments convenient and our focus now is on how to make payments easier," said Mr Kevin Wong, general manager of product management at NETS.

He added that the device allows merchants to use their own phones to receive secure e-payments wherever they are.

Mr Parikshit Jawa, vice-president of product management at NETS, said that the device was being targeted at merchants who are "on the go".

He said: "The whole objective is to really look at the merchants on the go - typically retailers, couriers, kiosks, people who are doing delivery services to the home. That's the sector which we are looking at."

Mr Jawa added that the terminal will be going on a three-month internal trial before rolling it out to merchants at the end of the year.

- CNA/wk

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HomeATM Slider Now Compatible with Your Blackberry!


Yesterday, in a post I saracastically dubbed "DumbPhoneded" I talked about security vs. convenience and a new McAfee report showing mobile device manufacturers are seeing more malware attacks than ever before.   
Here's some excerpts from DarkReading's Smartphone Threats Intensify
  • Security threats were bound to catch up with the proliferation of smartphones across the enterprise...
  • Experts have long warned that smartphones...could become the new weakest link in the enterprise...

Read more: HomeATM Slider Now Compatible with Your Blackberry! | NFC Mobile Payment Industry News Blog
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