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Mobile Payments: What's Taking So Long and Who's Gonna Win?

Business Insider

MOBILE PAYMENTS: What's Taking So Long, And Who's Going To Win? ... NFC has been overhyped: it's not more convenient than cash or credit, and the many ...

In our special report published today, Business Insider Intelligence lays out the four kinds of mobile payment solutions that currently matter:
  • NFC
  • Apps
  • Card Readers
  • Carrier Billing

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Mobile Payments Could Be a Gold Mine, but Need a Jump Start With Consumers

Mobile Payments Could Be a Gold Mine, but Need a Jump Start With ...

Marketers Need a Program of Education and Incentives to Promote a System That's Confusing to Use

Mobile payments are touted as the next big thing in marketing. Brands can instantly access an individual customer's in-store purchase data and serve up targeted deals. The customer pays simply by holding up his smartphone to the checkout scanner -- no digging into the wallet for a credit card, dollar bills or, heaven forbid, loose change.  The Yankee Group estimates that the worldwide transaction value of mobile payments will total nearly $1 trillion by 2014, up from $162 billion in 2010. But then why does it seem that the only people using it are customers purchasing their their double-caffe skinny lattes at Starbucks?

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Here's an NFC Malware App that Steals Credit Card Data

How NFC Malware Steals Credit Card Data


New malware can swipe credit card data from NFC-equipped smartphones, a development that may dampen growing enthusiasm for mobile payments.  

The "paycardreader" app lets thieves "skim the card numbers and dates, along with transactions and merchant IDs" of nearby people's phones. Both hacker and victim must have NFC-smartphones equipped in order for the app to work.

Why the Windows Phone 8 digi-wallet is different to the others

Why the Windows Phone 8 digi-wallet is different to the others


Demonstrating the Near Field Communications (NFC) capabilities of Microsoft's new phone OS Joe Belfiore couldn't demonstrate pay-by-bonk, as he didn't have ...

First Data PCI Rapid Comply Solution Now Live for Merchants, Independent Sales Organizations and Franchises

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Image via CrunchBase

Online Self-Assessment Questionnaire and Integrated Scanning Tool Helps Merchants Achieve and Maintain PCI DSS Compliance
ATLANTA--()--First Data Corporation, a global leader in electronic commerce and payment processing, today announced the First Data PCI Rapid ComplySM solution, an easy-to-use online Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and vulnerability scanning tool that can help small to mid-sized merchants achieve and maintain Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. First Data is the first payment processor to offer the convenience of this type of integrated service directly to its customers.
“Many smaller merchants have been under the assumption that they need to be security experts to be PCI compliant and the process can be overwhelming”
The PCI Rapid Comply solution is a merchant-facing, “help-based” web application that can be used to complete the annual SAQ quickly and easily. By answering just a few “pre-SAQ” questions, the PCI Rapid Comply solution can direct merchants to the SAQ version that is right for their business and help pre-populate the appropriate SAQ questions with accurate answers. This process minimizes the volume of questions merchants must answer, which are typically the most difficult questions, and in some cases reduce the number of questions merchants have to answer by as much as 85 percent. A real-time dashboard keeps track of where merchants are in the compliance process and shows what percent of the SAQ is finished.
To help ensure merchants are compliant, the PCI Rapid Comply solution also includes integrated vulnerability scanning for merchants that are required to perform quarterly scans. Once set up, the PCI Rapid Comply application will automatically execute quarterly scans for those merchants that are required to pass a scan as part of the compliance process—there is nothing to remember to make sure these scans are completed. The solution also offers merchants a customized remediation or “fix it” plan to help identify any steps the merchant needs to take to become compliant. After achieving PCI certification, each merchant is presented with customized Information Security and Incident Response Policies based on the specific SAQ document the merchant completed.
“Many smaller merchants have been under the assumption that they need to be security experts to be PCI compliant and the process can be overwhelming,” said Bruce Dragt, SVP and division manager, Payment Acceptance at First Data. “With the PCI Rapid Comply solution, merchants can now quickly and easily complete the necessary SAQ online at anytime with extensive built-in help including live chat from First Data. Because our customers are already in our system, we can streamline the process by helping to pre-populate some of the most difficult technical questions included in the SAQ.”
The PCI Rapid Comply solution is part of First Data’s overall suite of data security solutions, which also includes the First Data®TransArmor® solution that uses a combination of tokenization and encryption technologies to secure sensitive payment card data. Deploying a multi-faceted approach to data security with solutions such as PCI Rapid Comply and TransArmor along with EMV, a chip and PIN technology that combats fraud, can help merchants dramatically increase security at their point of sale.
The PCI DSS was created by the major credit card companies as a guideline to help business owners implement the necessary hardware, software and other procedures to guard sensitive credit card and personal information. In 2011, 96 percent of the 855 data breaches investigated by the U.S. Secret Service and Verizon's forensic analysis unit were not compliant with PCI DSS at the time of the data theft.1
Around the world, every second of every day, First Data makes payment transactions secure, fast and easy for merchants, financial institutions and their customers. First Data leverages its vast product portfolio and expertise to drive customer revenue and profitability. Whether the choice of payment is by debit or credit card, gift card, check or mobile phone, online or at the checkout counter, First Data takes every opportunity to go beyond the transaction.
1. Verizon 2012 Data Breach investigations Report, March 2012

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Tech Firm Claims Mobile Payments First (Except that it isn't anywhere near the first)

This is the First DTMF Mobile Card Swiper Introduced years ago, and remains the only device with a 3DES DUKPT Encrypted PIN Pad (and can also be used with PC's or Macs)

Tech firm claims mobile payment first | Near Field Communication ...
Definitive NFC / Near Field Communication and Smart mCommerce News ... it is safe to say that Apple will finally join the so-called mobile payment system, and ...

A Kiwi tech company claims to have created a New Zealand-first device that will let smartphones to accept credit card payments.
The product, called Swipe HQ, has been developed by Auckland-based company Optimizer HQ.
The device plugs into the audio jack of any smartphone and, together with an app, will allow merchants to enter a transaction amount, swipe the credit card and complete the sale.
Chief executive Manas Kumar said there was ''no specific date'' for the launch, but August was the goal.
What is the stall with NFC? - Mobile Commerce Daily - Payments
Near field communication technology was all the rage last year with Isis and Google leading the ...
Rumor: Next-Gen iPhone to Include NFC for Mobile Payments ...
Apple's next-generation iPhone, expected to be launched this fall, could include a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip, allowing users to easily buy products ...,2817,2406253,00.asp
The evolution of the secure element ... - Mobile Payments Today
The secure element via SIM is still at the heart of most phones today, and it's getting ready to be at the heart of mobile payments via NFC. NFC uses a special ...
What opportunities will NFC bring for retail? - Capgemini Consulting
Mobile PaymentsNFC is one method to enable mobile payments for a retailer using contactless technology. As we move into an era where self service will ...
NFC: To wait or to create?
Research from analyst firm Frost & Sullivan predicts that by 2015, NFC will be the most-used solution for mobile payments with total sales in Europe reaching ...
NFC & RFID | Pearltrees
The Role of NFC, QR Codes and Microsoft Tags in Intelligent 1:1 Marketing. NFC comes to trains in Tokyo with Strappy. NFC: More than just mobile payments.
Passes and Prices| GSMA NFC & Mobile Money Summit
Registration fees for the GSMA NFC & Mobile Money Summit must be paid in U.S. Dollars; Invitation letters, cancellation policies and substitution/refund details ...

Windows Phone 8 Slideshow from PC Magazine

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Global eTelecom Selects NorseCorp's eCommerce Fraud Prevention Service to Secure Payment Processing

SOURCE: Global eTelecom, Inc.
Global eTelecom, Inc. Global eTelecom, Inc.
June 25, 2012 05:00 ET

Service Provides IPQ™ Score to Reduce Losses Caused by eCommerce Fraud
FT. WALTON BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - Jun 25, 2012) - Global eTelecom, Inc. (GETI), one of the largest electronic check and ACH payment processors in the U.S., has selected NorseCorp's eCommerce Fraud Prevention service to secure the processor's ACH (Automatic Clearing House) or "eCheck" transactions for GETI and its more than 55,000 nationwide merchants.
As part of the eCommerce Fraud Prevention, GETI will integrate NorseCorp's IPViking technology and use the proprietary and real-time IPQ™ Score indicator to prevent high-risk and potentially fraudulent payments from being accepted by merchants.
GETI processes millions of electronic items per month. The company is one of the fastest growing payment processors in the nation with more than 2,000 merchants joining its network each month.
"GETI's adoption of NorseCorp's eCommerce Fraud Prevention service is an important part of our effort to secure eCommerce transactions and protect our merchants," said Chris Brundage, Chief Operating Officer of Global eTelecom. "Some of our merchants have used the service for credit card transactions with their bankcard processor, and are extremely excited about its ability to significantly reduce fraud. We look forward to seeing similar results for ACH transactions originating from our payment platform."
NorseCorp's eCommerce Fraud Prevention service empowers merchants to benefit from real-time intelligence on high-risk IP addresses. Driven by IPViking, the service is more powerful than competing fraud prevention solutions because it proactively gathers intelligence on IP addresses engaged in fraudulent and criminal activity before the transaction. IPViking's IPQ Score provides a real-time risk indicator for every Internet-based payment transaction, delivering real-time Internet intelligence to payment processors and merchants so they can accept real transactions and keep out the bad ones.
"Our eCommerce Fraud Prevention service works seamlessly at the payment gateway level to identify and block high-risk transactions before they occur," said Skip Foss, Chief Product Officer for NorseCorp. "The service addresses two essential aspects of effective fraud prevention. It offers accuracy in evaluating the legitimacy of the IP address behind any transaction, and it delivers that information in real time for automated decision-making, not manual review."
About Global eTelecom, Inc. (GETI)Global eTelecom (GETI) provides proprietary electronic Check processing and Gift/Loyalty services to over 55,000 merchants nationwide. GETI's products are marketed through sales channels of banks, independent sales offices and credit card processors. GETI operates under the guiding principle that our highest priority is to protect the ISO-merchant relationship and we take great pride in our service and support levels to assist our valued partners. Global eTelecom's value added solutions include: Electronic POS Check Conversion, Paper Guarantee, ACH Debit, Checks-By-Phone, Checks-By-Web, Check 21 Remote Deposit Capture, mobile Tele-Debit and Gift/Loyalty Card Processing. GETI is part of Sage North America. For information, please
About NorseCorpNorseCorp, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a provider of real-time Internet security intelligence solutions aimed at making the Internet safe for business. NorseCorp's patent-pending IPViking technology provides real-time intelligence about the risk of IP addresses attempting to engage in eCommerce, interact with a website or web application, or even transact business for small organizations or enterprises. The IPViking API runs over a cloud-based network, communicates with any programming language or platform, and easily integrates into existing IT environments. For more information about NorseCorp, visit

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24 "Mobile Payment" Headlines for June 25th, 2012

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SK Planet secures over 5m mobile payment users
The Korea Herald
SK Planet said Monday that the number of users of its mobile payment platform has exceeded 5 million since the company launched it two years ago.
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LML Payment Systems: A Growth Company Trading Near Net Asset ...
Seeking Alpha
In March, Beanstream announced a product that would compete in the rapidly growing mobile payment industry with the introduction of a mobile card reader ...
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Next-gen iPhone to feature integrated NFC
The inclusion of these elements suggests Apple could be readying a mobile payment service that will be tied to the Passbook app the company recently ...
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Brazilian CIOs: m-payment adoption hindered by lack of standards
RCR Wireless News
m-banking,Ciab,Enterprise,CIO,m-payment, mobile payment, Bradesco,Itaú,Caixa Ecônomica Federal,Santander.
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Finding payment solutions to suit Africa
... company between Standard Bank and MTN - a move which now enables consumers to make debit card payments through the mobile payment solution PayD, ...
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Rise of the Smartphonatics
"Smartphonatics exist across the globe and, while their ranks differ across countries, one thing is consistent: their mobile payment and banking behaviours stand ...
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How it Works: NFC (near field communication)
Android Authority
In order to enable a mobile payment of any kind, you need more than just a NFC connection. The smartphone requires a secure application to handle the users' ...
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Android Authority
Review: IPads, smartphones in world-changing 'Mobile Wave'
In Kenya, a mobile payment system called M-Pesa enables commerce in remote areas that lack banks, ATMs, landline phones and internet connections.
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Connected consumers go where banks haven't
Sydney Morning Herald
According to Gartner, worldwide mobile payment transaction values will surpass $171.5 billion in 2012, a 61.9 per cent increase from 2011. It forecasts a market ...
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Sydney Morning Herald
As Microsoft retools, Ballmer has chance to rewrite his CEO legacy
That news was expected, though the existence of a bevy of rumored cool new features -- including a complete mobile payment system was a surprise. So much ...
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iPhone 5, Galaxy Note 2 and Windows Phone 8 share release date?
Harper thinks that the new OS shows that the company is headed to a wider mobile payment play that will compete against Google Wallet and mobile devices ...
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Financial illiteracy hinders Asia's m-payments uptake
ZDNet Asia
Mobile payments top NFC application in Asia · Singapore company launches mobile payment platform · Prepaid mobile payments unlock poor's buying power ...
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Why Banks Must Use Technology to Protect Customers - IT Expert
These are the solutions that we know as I speak can help the country's financial institutions, the insurance companies, mobile payment organizations and that ...
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TESCO PLC : Philip Clarke speaks at the Global Summit of the ...
A third of Kenya's gross domestic product now flows through one mobile payment system. So we're going to make it simpler and easier still for customers to use ...
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Rumor: New iPhone Prototypes Have NFC
Maybe, maybe not. But you can be sure that, if it does, Apple's take on mobile payment could be enough to force the concept into the mainstream. [9to5mac] ...
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LML Payment Systems: A Growth Company Trading Near Net Asset ...
By Inefficient Market
In March, Beanstream announced a product that would compete in the rapidly growing mobile payment industry with the introduction of a mobile card reader designed to fit iPhone, iPad, and Android enabled devices. According to company ... Home Page
NFC seen coming to the next iPhone
By Christian Zibreg
MasterCard's Ed McLaughlin is also adamant that Apple is working on a wireless mobile payment system that involves NFC and iTunes, recently dropping the following hint: I don't know of a handset manufacturer that isn't in process of making ...
Next-gen iPhone to feature integrated NFC | Latest electronics
By Dennis
Apple's next-generation iPhone will feature an integrated NFC chip according to a new report, suggesting the Cupertino, California-based company may soon make its entrance into the mobile payment space. A report from 9to5Mac states that ...
Latest electronics

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Digicel Pacific to deploy biometric enabled mobile payment systems in
URL : 20ProviderArticle Summary: Digicel Pacific is deploying biometric enabled ...
Advanced Mobile Payment Inc.
AMP PortaPay mobile payment solution defines the process and requirements of two parties exchanging financial value using a mobile device in return for ...
Approved Mobile Payment Systems Coral Gables, FL, 33146 -
Get directions, reviews, payment information on Approved Mobile Payment Systems located at Coral Gables, FL. Search for other Credit Cards ...
Copy of The Mobile Payment Conference October Park Central ...
Copy of The Mobile Payment Conference October Park Central Hotel, NYC www. at Park Central Hotel in New York - Mobile ...
Is Apple Preparing For a Mobile Payment System? | ChiaTown
Apple has 400 million credit cards on file. Will they launch a mobile payment system soon? How will LevelUp, Isis, Google Wallet, and Sprint's NFC solution ...
#Mobile payment experts Zooz and Payoneer join #Apps World as ...
The unique payment platform ZooZ, today announced they will be exhibiting their multi-platform SDK at Apps World on 2-3 October at Earl's Court 2. The Zo.

New U.S. Patents Pertaining to NFC and Contactless Payment Strengthen OTI's IP Portfolio

June 25, 2012, 9:30 a.m. EDT

ISELIN, N.J., Jun 25, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- On Track Innovations Ltd. ("OTI")OTIV +3.41% today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued new U.S. patents to the company. These new patents deepen OTI's involvement in the NFC market from hardware to application level.
OTI's New Patents Include:
          --  The "Retrofit Contactless Smart SIM Functionality in Mobile
              Communicators" patent (U.S. Patent No. 8,195,236) relates among others
              to adding NFC and contactless payment capabilities to existing mobile
              handsets through the connection of a device to a phone's existing SIM
              card. This is the foundation of OTI's Contactless Payments and NFC
              Insert (COPNI). A COPNI-enabled mobile phone enables mobile network
              operators (MNOs) to provide a true after-market solution to existing
              subscribers, filling the gap between the demand for handsets with
              embedded NFC and non-NFC enabled phones already in the market.
          --  The "Multi-Application Contactless Smart Card" patent (U.S. Patent No.
              8,186,602) relates among others to supporting multiple applications
              and/or payment mechanisms on a single contactless device and operating

OTI's new patents are now part of the company's extensive and expanding intellectual property ("IP") portfolio, which includes over 100 issued patents and pending patent applications. OTI's IP portfolio covers its proprietary product applications, software platforms, system and product architecture, product concepts and more in the fields of NFC, contactless payment, secure ID, petroleum and parking solutions.
OTI is a pioneer in the contactless payment market and supported MasterCard and Visa, among others, in the creation and implementation of contactless transaction processing and payment solutions.
Oded Bashan, OTI's Chairman and CEO, commented, "The addition of these new patents to our IP portfolio strengthens our position in the contactless payment market, specifically as it pertains to NFC. Furthermore, being granted another patent pertaining to the NFC sphere is yet again testimony to OTI's creative thinking and excellent R&D resources."
About On Track Innovations Ltd. ( )
On Track Innovations Ltd. ("OTI") designs, develops and markets secure identification, payment and transaction processing technologies and solutions for use in secure ID, payment and loyalty applications based on its extensive patent and IP portfolio. OTI combines state-of-the-art contactless microprocessor-based technologies and enabling hardware with proprietary software applications to deliver high performance, end-to-end solutions that are secure, robust and scalable. OTI solutions have been deployed around the world to address homeland security, national ID, medical ID, NFC and contactless payments, loyalty applications, petroleum payment, parking and mass transit ticketing. OTI markets and supports its solutions through a global network of regional offices and alliances.
The On Track Innovations Ltd. logo is available at

New iPhone prototypes have NFC chips and antenna

June 25, 2012 at 3:00 am  
We’ve previously been able to pull data from PreEVT iPhone 5,1 and iPhone 5,2 prototypescodenamed N41AP (5,1) and N42AP (5,2), which leads us to believe that the new iPhone will have a bigger 1136×640 display. We also detailed a lot of the hardware here but forgot one very important little bit of information. Further investigation into this hardware code dump leads us to believe that these iPhones also have Near Field Communication (NFC) controllers directly connected to the power management unit (PMU).

CNET: NFC Support Reportedly Revealed in iPhone 5 Prototypes

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iPhone 5 prototypes reportedly reveal NFC support
The next iPhone could let users buy products and share files through near-field communications. Code pulled from Pre-EVT (Engineering Verification Testing) ...

"There is a lot of debate that NFC will never take off because of all the arguments," Peters told 9to5Mac. "But you need to get ready, this is coming. This is going to happen. By the end of the year the majority of smartphones that you go and buy will have NFC on them. If in October the next iPhone comes out and it has NFC on it, it's game over."

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Catchwell's PDAs get NFC • NFC World

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase
Catchwell's PDAs get NFCNFC World

By Mike Clark

Korean industrial PDA maker Catchwell is to build NFC into its Android and Windows Mobile 6.5 handheld computers. Devices will ... The near field communication news source – NFC, contactless, mobile payments, RF SIM, RFID and more ...
NFC World
St. George joins mobile payments race
By Charles King
Westpac subsidiary St. George have launched a pay-to-mobile app, which allows the transfer of funds to a recipient's mobile number. The app follows Commonwealth [...]
The Wall

Forbes: Rumor The iPhone 5 Will Support Mobile Payments with an NFC Chip

Rumor The iPhone 5 Will Support Mobile Payments with an NFC Chip ...
Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

A 19-pin connector may not be the only new way that the iPhone 5 will interact with the world around it. Rumors suggest that Apple’s next generation of phone is going to be equipped with NFC (Near Field Communications). NFC allows devices to talk to other devices in very close proximity, and is widely considered to be the entry point to the lucrative world of mobile payments. With Apple on board, NFC technology could finally make the jump to becoming a mainstream way of paying for goods and services..

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